Internet system for mass debt collection.

Debt collection through our system allows for sending mass messages and is easy to use. Our debt collection platform can look after the import of contacts, create debt collection procedures and send payment reminders. The monitoring of payments has never been so easy!

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  • The ability to import from the most popular formats

    You can import data from any files such as Excel, csv, txt and xml. read more

  • Integration with your bookkeeping system

    Integrate your bookkeeping system with eVindication. read more

  • Personalised content

    In the content of the message you can use fields which you import into the system. E.g. Dear Sir/Madam [client name] ... read more

  • Option for creating your own debt collection procedures

    You can set up an exact reminder system which applies both before and after the payment deadline has passed. read more

Content type

  • SMS

    Sending text messages directly to your client’s telephone.

How does it work ?

  • 1. Register

    Registration takes 1 minute and is free of charge.

  • 2. Set the debt collection procedure’

    You can select how and when your client receives reminders.

  • 3. Import your data

    You can import data for example from Excel files. The import method can be adjusted to meet the structure of your data.

  • 4. Generate and send reminders

    By clicking just one button you can send mass reminders about the due amount with personalised content.

Opinions of ISP companies

”Ever since our debt collection has been run through the system our clients have been paying regularly, our debt has fallen and at the same time I have more time to deal with the core business of my company.”.”

Operation Manager

LandTech Opinion

„Thanks to the system, debt collection is much easier and less time-consuming in our company. The various options of the system guarantee that everyone can find the best way of using the platform for the needs of their own company. Due to the professional approach to clients and the ease of use of the program, we can recommend the eWindykator service as a solid and reliable partner.”

Co-owner of the telecommunications company LandTech

GloriImage Opinion

„I have wasted enough time ensuring deadlines are met and reminding customers about payments due. Debt collection using this system is easy and saves a lot of time.”

Marketing Agency founder